Mopavid is quality guarantee

Mould gauging machine and volume scattering
​control (SONICAM)

Guarantee begins with the providers

We use the best raw materials:

  • Cast iron is of our own foundry, 
  • Bronze is from Metal Industriel for the continuous casting and from Fonderie Bartalesi for sand castings bronze.

Production control

All our products are subjected to rigorous control throughout the production process.
We track since the completion of the offer, through ordering, receipt of drawings, procurement of raw materials, manufacturing with all its intermediate controls, to final control, packaging and shipment.
With each shipment we attach the corresponding dimensional control sheets and the chemical and metallographic analysis of the raw material. (chemical and metallographic analysis, as well as the treatment curve).  

Certifed quality

In 1996 we recognized the importance of a system of guaranteed quality. This pushed us to obtain the Certificate of Quality Management System (UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2000).